Stein has spent weeks, and money on a recount due to voter fraud, aaaand nothing was ever proven. (except maybe how stupid some people can be). Throughout the entire recount, there is only one thing that is for certain. Stein wasted tax money. A LOT..of tax money. Now lawmakers are stepping in to make sure that something like this will never happen again. Stein is nothing but a fraud!

VIA| In Michigan especially, where taxpayers would have had to fork over millions for the recount, some lawmakers were trying to pass legislation that would ensure that something like this never happens again — while leaving the door open for the possibility of legitimate recount efforts in the future, Detroit Free Press reported.

A bill that passed the Michigan House Elections Committee on Tuesday would make it so that candidates who lose the election by more than 5 percent would have to pay the entire cost of the recount.

Currently, Michigan law states that candidates who are filing for a recount (and have lost by more than 0.5 percent) must pay $125 per district for the recount.

That means that Stein payed roughly $1 million for the recount — and that Michigan taxpayers paid about $4 million, The Detroit News noted.

The current bill would retroactively take effect back to January 1, 2016. That means that much of Stein’s $7 million war chest would essentially be confiscated by the state due to the recount efforts.

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This is exactly what every State should make a law, taxpayer money should never be used in something like this.

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