Ooch! Jenna Jameson in all her glory just TORE INTO Bill Maher and his liberal hypocrisy bs. Watch as she calls him out in front of the whole world. That’s  gotta hurt!

VIA| What a time to be alive when it’s Jenna Jameson making headlines for absolutely ROASTING liberals.

She’s been a huge backer of Donald Trump (and even made a cameo on the first episode of the Celebrity Apprentice back in 2008). She’s also outspoken in her defense of Israel.

She spends most of her attention towards criticizing Islam, but today she turned her attention to a major liberal: Bill Maher.

As Milo Yiannopoulos reported:

Former porn star Jenna Jameson had some choice words for Bill Maher on Sunday night. The 42-year-old tweeted about Maher’s hypocrisy regarding his moral stance on Trump’s famous 2005 recording with Billy Bush.

As Maher continues to denounce President Trump on his show, even allowing Jane Fonda to call him Predator-in-Chief with no interjection, Jameson decided to share a little secret with Twitter.


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  1. Dutchuncle

    So why isn’t THIS Predator on “women’s March” Hit list? Oh yeah, Socialist Liberals ALWAYS get a pass


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