COSTCO FIRES MUSLIM MAN, Now The He’s Suing COSTCO Citing Islamophobia

Islam is a way of life that isn’t the law in America, something Jean Camara must have forgotten.

Jean Camara

Upon employment in the meat department at Costco, a position personally applied for, Jean Camara informed his manager that as a Muslim it was against his religious views to handle any of the pork products available in the meat department. Costco attempted to comply with Camara’s needs by removing him from the meat department and offering him a reassignment position as cart wrangler in the parking lot. Once again Jean Camara was dissatisfied with his work assignment but this time the reasoning had nothing to do with religious matters and therefore Camara was relieved of his employment with the company

In response Camara has decided to formally sue Costco for failing to accommodate his religious practices even though that’s exactly what they tried to do. On an even more outrageous level, Jean Camara believes he should be given his position in the meat department back despite his inability to perform many of the tasks stating that maybe if Costco switched to the  hallal meat, the Islamic practice of slitting the throats of livestock in order to Drain away the impurities of blood, then he would be able to perform all the necessary tasks.

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Jean Camara, has filed a lawsuit against the giant wholesaler for religious discrimination…

Muslims do not eat pork products because they are viewed as being unclean by their religious standards. Just as many Jewish people only eat Kosher foods, this in itself is fine.

But when Camara got a job at Costco working with their pork products, he cited his religion as a reason that he didn’t want to perform that task. Costco listened to him and gave him a chance to go outside to bring in carts. They didn’t fire him. They didn’t suspend him. They offered him another job that was more in alignment with his religious freedom. Because they treated him differently as per his request, Camara sued them for discrimination.

When pork products came across the conveyer belt, Camara refused to touch them. His religious beliefs forbid him from touching pork or alcohol. So, he wanted to follow his religion and told his manager the reason, he wouldn’t touch the food.

Because he told them about the restriction on pork products, the managers responded by switching him to cart duty outside.

Camara claims he was never told why he was being reassigned. And he claims that when he asked to be put in another department besides cart duty, they never honored that request.

Without hesitation, Camara filed a human rights complaint against the company.

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“We all share different beliefs so we all should be treated equally no matter what belief we have,” Camara said.

Seriously? This man neglected multiple job duties which makes him a useless employee, yet he believes his uselessness should be overlooked because it’s due to religious restrictions. At the end of the day Camara had an obligation to disclose husband religious needs when applying for the position rather than revealing them after the fact. Costco has every right to fire an employee who misrepresented themselves for the sole purpose of employment.