This is one female judge who isn’t going to put up with any with anyone’s bullsh*t. One Islamic women decided to push her buttons and tell her she only stands for Allah. Well, that didn’t go as she had planned when the judge decided to put her in her place! BOOM!

Moutia Elzahed – the second wife of Hamdi Alqudsi – who was found guilty for recruiting for the Islamic State in Syria – once again appeared at the Sydney District Court on Wednesday for a civil matter having to do with a law enforcement raid.


Ms. Elzahed, Alqudsi and her two teenage sons are suing the Commonwealth of Australia and New South Wales for assault and battery that allegedly happened in 2014 when they were the target of a counter-terrorism raid.

After the morning tea break, Judge Audrey Balla spoke to lawyer Clive Evatt and said that she had noticed Ms. Elzahed ‘doesn’t stand’ for the judge when she [came] into the court room.

Mr. Evatt then told the court that he believed that act was out of ‘religious reasons’ before stopping to check with other lawyers.

He then addressed the court with this: ‘She’s a Muslim, Your Honour, a strict Muslim and according to my instructions she won’t stand for anyone except Allah, which I’m not particularly happy with, Your Honour’.

Judge Balla responded with a question to Ms. Elzahed’s lawyer and asked him if she had been made cognizant of a recent offence created ‘which may relate to such conduct’.

She said a selection on ‘any action’ would be made by others, but the judge was concerned and ‘just wanted to check she’s received advice… Each occasion she doesn’t do it may be a separate offence.’

The NSW government this year initiated a new offence for contempt of the court. The offence went into play on September 1st and a maximum penalty of up to 14 days in prison and/or a fine of up to $1000 if a person is found guilty, is also attached to it.

Judge Balla last week refused to hear Ms. Elzahed’s evidence solely on the basis that she refused to remove her niqab, which covers every part of her body in black cloth except her eyes.

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Do you think the judge was right to say this to this woman?

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  1. Daniel

    Definitely this judge was correct and should always continue to take control of her courtroom.

  2. Richard Hurley

    Why are we letting in these people, if we can call them that, into OUR country. They do nothing but disrespect any of our laws and elected officials. Get the them hell out of here. Instead of giving their country money, just fill up a 747 with them and put the money to good use

    • Wake-up call

      This is all part of a greater picture. The main aim is to assimilate the world into one race, one language, one religion and one currency. All this taking in of refugees etc. are just the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Holly

    Yes the Judge was right. These people need to go back to where this bull shit is accepted and not be in America.

  4. Bill Whitt

    I stand with Judge Bella. Ms. Elzahed needs a lesson about how to appear in court. As for not standing a couple of days in jail will change her attitude.
    Dr. Bill
    Round Rock, TX

  5. Thomasina Latoche

    Definetly right. If your in this country, you should abide by it’s laws & respect it’s customs. If you feel that you can not, go back where you came from. That wonderful hell hole. I don’t understand, if their country is so great, why do they come here. Go home sweet home. Good riddance. Yuk

  6. Anon

    The greatest law in the world is to do to others as one wants it done to oneself. In Saudi Arabia, Iran,Iraq and other Islamic countries, no one practices anything except Islam as official religion. If America does not give them what they have been giving others, the golden rule would be useless. Let them move to the places where doing their religious obligations would be welcome. People who live in Islamic countries are forced to do pay heavy tax for not being Muslims in Islamic countries. Let them pay tax for being Muslims in America…

  7. Jamie

    The Judge is correct!! If you come to the United States you have to respect our rules beliefs and faith. Don’t get me wrong if she wants to act like that at home ok. She disrespected a judge. I say deport anyone that acts that way in the United States right now. You can’t go to a Muslim country and force Christianity on them or our beliefs. SO WHY IS IT OK TO COME TO AMERICA AND DO IT??

  8. Fiesty

    Of course the Judge is absolutely right! The Muslim woman was purposely disrespectful. A common trick among all Muslims and usually it is the women who are sent out to test the waters as to how far to go and what can be gotten away with!

  9. Kathleen Dignan

    This was in Australia not America. The judge was right and instead of pussyfooting around Muslims as other countries seem to do make them abide by the laws of the country they have chosen to live in. WHEN IN ROME etc.

    • Barbara

      Besides in the USA, they would have to assimilate into our Culture. I would think Australia would want the same thing

  10. Chuck Kopsho

    I wish we had federal judges who are just like her. Finally, things are getting back to leastways normal life in the United States of America.

  11. Scott Avnaim

    These Muslims need to get out of any country that isn’t Muslim. Nobody wants their poison. That includes the USA. Time to stop coddling them and kick them and their hate out.

  12. Richard

    I’ve totally had it with their arrogant attitudes and the way they act like they are all living on a higher plane than the rest of us. I find it interesting that Muslims call us, “infidel” and call our women “whores” just because they aren’t covered from head to toe. In short, they are saying that we don’t measure up to their extremely high moral standards. But they kill Christians and Jews indiscriminately. They bear false witness and call us fools for believing them to begin with. The Muslim men (if you can call them men) don’t have to be faithful to their wives, but their women can be killed for infidelity. They have sex with sheep and then blame the sheep and kill it for being “unclean”. Compared to them, I have no problem seeing who is lacking moral standards. I’m sick of hearing about them and if we don’t close our borders to them, we are going to be very sorry.

  13. Bobbah

    This is why the immigration laws need changing! We do not bow down to ‘allah’ or any other god in our Law courts! Islam is not a ‘religion” it is a cult, ie all followers are told what to do. Also it is an Ideology NOT a religion!

  14. Wendy

    I find it interesting that 18 out of 18 people believe that our country should not bow and give in to alien peoples. Yet, when Trump says something of this nature there is a loud disagreement.

  15. Sue Thelen

    First of all, this happened in Australia, not the USA. However, the judge was completely correct in her decision. I’m praying it doesn’t come to this in the USA, but I know it will!!

  16. James

    You get enough of them here and our laws will change, just like male and female bathrooms. Enough trannies have surfaced and now my daughter has to share a bathroom with some guy in a dress who is clear a male. Scary, to think that eventually they will vote in their laws and Trans, gays and woman will pay the heaviest.

  17. Tommie harrison

    She is in the United States so she should abide by our rules and laws , no one asked her to come here, go back home if you don’t like it here, don’t let the door hit you in your ass under all that black covering, play well with us or GO HOME !!!!!

  18. John Donoghue

    where is the disgusting ACLU to put an end to this nonsense? they have removed all Christian symbols, signs and prayers from schools yet there is not a sign of opposition to mooslums forcing their barbaric ways on us. just look at Dearborn MI, they are overrun by them. any country that allows their nonsense will be overrun by them. if they wont assimilate to a new country they should be deported to a country of their own beliefs.


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