A teen is under fire for making false accusations of an assault that got national attention – that never even happened. Now, her new haircut is raising questions about drove her to this insane act. Was it all just a bizarre scheme to make sure she didn’t get in trouble with her parents? Looks like she’s in a lot more trouble now…

VIA| Muslim student Yasmin Seweid quickly became a viral hit when she said she was assaulted by a bunch of drunken white Trump supporters in New York, but now that her story has unraveled, what is potentially an even darker reality is being unveiled.

The teen had reported that three drunken men harassed her on the subway as she made her way home from Baruch College, but when police couldn’t find any witnesses or video of the attack, they began to get suspicious of the claim.

Police sources told the New York Daily News that 18-year-old Seweid invented the Islamophobic hoax because she didn’t want to get in trouble with her parents for being out after her curfew and drinking with her friends.

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