ISIS Suicide Bombers were targeting a Humvee full of Iraqi infidels, when they began closing in on the Humvee a dose of karma was served!

ISIS is always releasing propaganda videos of the evil atrocities ISIS suicide Bombersthey are constantly committing. This particular video shows an epic mistake made by the terrorist group, yet they still felt that they should release it to the public. Hey, keep airing your failures ISIS, America doesn’t mind watching you guys killing yourselves while the innocent escape.

Conservative Tribune| A video that purportedly shows Islamic State fighters erratically driving a truck filled with explosives across bumpy terrain further proves these jihadist aren’t always the smartest individuals, either.

The ISIS vehicle is trying to crash into one of the two Iraqi Humvee’s, hoping that it will explode and kill everyone in the process.

ISIS Suicide BombersHumvee’s are built to travel across rough terrain, which allowed the Iraqi’s to gain a big lead ahead of the Islamic State group fighters.

After trying to travel down the same rocky path as the Humvee’s, the explosives prematurely detonate after the truck hit a massive speed bump, killing the fighters before they even reach their target.

Don’t you just love it when a bad plan ends so well?? Now they’re on their way to hell to meet their 72 virgin goats… Or something like that.

Thank God for president Trump! Obama left the borders wide open for these terrorists to walk right in and turn America into a Sharia law loving country. No thank you! They can keep their Quran and America will keep its Christian values.

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