It seems that every so many years, Iran decides to go and do something totally stupid when it comes to international affairs.

About as often as an Olympic Games, they feel the need to piss everyone off to the point where it seems like this is the point that Iran is going to have to get smacked on the nose with a rolled-up newspaper again.

We all know that they are bullies, and that they need to be dealt with harshly. It seems that Joe Biden is not the guy for the job there.

Iran is holding an oil tanker hostage that belongs to U.S. ally South Korea. They call it a case of criminal pollution but the reality is that it’s all about the “Benjamins.” Tehran made it crystal clear, they know Trump would never let them get away with it. “The situation is “almost impossible to resolve” before the inauguration of U.S. President-elect Joe Biden.”

Once the pallets of cash start flowing again, and the crippling sanctions are lifted, the Ayatollah will be happy to turn the tanker loose. Now that the New World Order is in charge, we’re one big happy planet ‘sans frontiers.’ It’s time to start sharing the wealth, like good socialists.

Iran doesn’t need any proof

The Iranian foreign minister had a little meeting with their central bank and a senior South Korean diplomat. When Iran heard South Korea’s “request” to turn loose an oil tanker which the Ayatollah seized recently, they laughed so hard one of their special forces agents almost detonated himself.

South Korean Vice Foreign Minister Choi Jong-kun met with his counterpart Abbas Araghchi. Sitting in were the Governor of their Central Bank, Abdolnasser Hemmati, and the head of Iran’s foreign relations council Kamal Kharrazi.

The meeting was called to discuss the confiscation of the MT Hankuk Chemi. Soul protested that the trumped up charges reported by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were lies. Capturing the ship in the Strait of Hormuz was totally “unacceptable.” Tough luck, Iran replied. Your ally Donald Trump has been crushed.

Tehran didn’t even bother to present any “technical evidence” that the ship polluted at sea. They don’t need any. The owner of the vessel swears up and down that he’s being framed but who cares? “The allegations have been rejected by the tanker’s parent company, DM Shipping.”

Without any evidence, a South Korean diplomatic source explained Wednesday, it’s “difficult to judge” whether the tanker violated international law. Some sort of proof used to be required. Not anymore.

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