Yep, this is the world we live in.  24-year-old Nigerian Haneefah Adam has created the “Hijarbie“.  The doll is a Sharia-compliant doll meant to teach Muslim values to young girls.

“I was mulling about the idea for about three months while I was still studying for my master’s degree in the U.K. When I got back to Nigeria, I went to the mall, purchased a doll, dressed it up, documented it and here we are.”

Great.  So you’re teaching little girls to be oppressed.  You’re teaching them that they shouldn’t wear what they please.  You are shaming them for being a woman.

This is the latest in a string of attempts to make “modest fashion” normal in the US.  Unfortunately, seeing women dressed like this is always going to be odd, whether they like it or not.  We are a country where both men and women are equal.  There is no need for burqas or hijabs here.

I’m also waiting for Mattel to bring the hammer down on the play of the name “Barbie”.  The American toymaker is very strict about their copywriting.  I smell a lawsuit on Adam’s hands.

Can we just stop trying to make this dress normal?  It’s not.



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