It’s common knowledge among parents that keeping memories alive involves gathering mementos.

Children change rapidly as they grow up, so all they have left are the memories of their younger years.

Ruth Avra made the decision to go above and beyond because she thinks that keepsakes that commemorate childbirth and parenthood, in general, ought to go beyond photos, videos, and clay prints.

A mother and artist from Hollywood, Florida developed an innovative jewelry collection that enables women to show special keepsakes that honor the relationship between mother and child.

So what makes Avra’s jewelry stand out? After giving birth to her daughter in 2012, Avra launched her creative business. She used umbilical cord stumps to create unique silver jewelry.

Avra can create a unique piece of jewelry for clients in the form of a pendant, bracelet, ring, cuff links, and more once they send her the stump parts that come out of the baby’s belly button seven to ten days after birth.

For the rope to last as long as feasible, the creative designer covers it in a layer of resin.

“The umbilical cord is literally the connection between mother and child, the biological wonder that allows a child to grow and develop us, using our own bodies to do so. I simply take that remaining piece and preserve it in a way that a parent can keep it close to their heart.” Avra revealed to Daily Mail.

Avra’s art helps people celebrate the child for much longer than is otherwise possible, as newborn babies grow up so fast.

“Many absolutely love the idea of keeping a part of their children close in the form of jewelry. I’ve also had a reaction like ‘ew’ and ‘gross.’ We all have different tastes and wants, my Keepsake Jewelry is for any parent who wants to capture a part of their beloved children and keep them close,” she said.

The mom and entrepreneur have continued to share her enthusiasm with the world despite the mixed reactions.

Avra’s Keepsake Collection also has bespoke jewelry fashioned from items like infant teeth, hairpieces, and even hospital bracelets in addition to the umbilical cords.

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