In a unique celebration of the mother-child bond, a talented artist is transforming umbilical cord stumps into stunning, personalized jewelry for new moms.

From the dawn of time, the bond between a mother and her newborn has been an indescribable connection. Yet, the birth itself is a traumatic event, separating the mother from her baby as the umbilical cord is severed. Craving that closeness once more, some innovative moms have found a unique way to cherish this connection – transforming the umbilical cord into wearable jewelry.

Embracing this new fashion trend, umbilical cord jewelry has become highly sought-after among new mothers yearning to maintain an intimate connection with their infants. Ruth Avra, an artist, and mother residing in Hollywood, Florida, is passionate about celebrating motherhood and the profound meaning behind these exceptional pieces.

Driven by her own experience giving birth in 2012, Avra ventured into the realm of crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry that encapsulates the miracle of life. By embedding umbilical cord stumps into her creations, she provides new moms with a distinctive and lasting keepsake to commemorate their child’s birth.

The process is straightforward: after the umbilical cord stump detaches from the newborn’s belly button, it is sent to Avra, who then immediately sets to work transforming it into a stunning piece of art. With each design being distinctive and personal, Avra allows the umbilical cord stump itself to guide her artistic vision, resulting in a meaningful conversation between artist and material.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Avra expressed the significance of the umbilical cord:

“The umbilical cord is literally the connection between mother and child, the biological wonder that allows a child to grow and develop us, using our own bodies to do so.” She continued, “I simply take that remaining piece and preserve it in a way that a parent can keep it close to their heart.”

As children grow up rapidly, Avra’s art serves as a reminder of those precious early moments. While some may find the concept unconventional or even off-putting, her keepsake jewelry is designed for parents who cherish the idea of maintaining a piece of their child close to them.

In the end, Avra’s unique creations offer a beautiful way to celebrate the extraordinary bond between mother and child.

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