Video: Hurricane Irma Almost COMPLETELY Wipes Out Island in the Bahamas

Barbuda was hit hard by Hurricane Irma, losing 95% of their buildings and vehicles, almost wiping out the entire Island.Hurricane Irma

Barbuda is in a dire situation, their waterlines are out and communications are down resulting from Hurricane Irma. But even worse, they are right in the path of hurricane Jose, which is a category 4 hurricane. There is not much left already, the island has been left uninhabitable. The community is working on evacuating to their sister Island Antigua.

Hurricane Irma has been wreaking havoc on the Islands, one shocking video from the Bahamas shows the highwinds pulling the ocean water away from the island as far as the eye can see. Now hurricane Irma is making landfall in Florida and is expected to wipe through the west side of the state through Sunday which is a new track than what was predicted, leaving those on the west coast scrambling.

Seeing the amount of water that the storm surge brought in gives us an idea of how much could be dumped on Florida. This is why the governor wants citizens in those flood zones to evacuate. We can only hope that everyone listened as the worst of the storm makes its way to Florida.

Please keep the citizens of Florida in your prayers today. As most of us in the US can carry on as usual this Sunday, they are getting ready for one heck of a storm. As we have dry homes to come to, theirs may be blown to pieces and flooded. I’m praying for the best possible outcome for all of you Floridians!