We are unconscious and ignorant of our surroundings when we go to sleep at night. When we’re sleeping, one thing we can’t control is our breathing. If you share a bed or room with someone, they might let you know if you snore or breathe too loudly, but other than that, all you know is that you’re breathing when you’re asleep.

However, a technique that has improved the quality of his skin, health, and hydration levels was discovered by a personal trainer in Australia. Through lots of trial and error, Brandon Hasick of Sydney discovered the trick, which is quite simple to execute. Hasick has been able to achieve the health results he has sought for years, saying that by changing the way he breathes, particularly at night.

During the retreat and subsequent research, Hasick discovered that mouth breathing could be harmful to a person’s overall health. According to the Australian personal trainer, mouth breathing can cause dehydration as well as fatigue. Mouth breathing can also contribute to and dry out someone’s skin. Hasick claimed that it can also cause a runny nose.

Until Hasick who describes himself as a sports scientist and personal trainer attended a health retreat and discovered that he was classified as a “mouth breather,” He first never gave much thought to how he breathed.

Brandon Hasick shared a photo of himself on Instagram with a piece of tape over his mouth in one post that has since gone viral. Then, after realizing that he was a mouth breather, he describes why he does it and how he came to that decision.

“I’m a mouth breather or was. Until I went on the @wilbagee retreat, I never paid much attention to the way I breathed. I have done wim hof and other conscious breathing techniques but have never really paid attention to the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of my day, “ He wrote.

“Turns out, I breathe through my mouth—a lot. Which explains why I always feel dehydrated, had dry skin and a runny nose. (The retreat leader) got me to tape my mouth one night before bed to see how I went. After panicking for about 90 seconds and thinking I wouldn’t wake up alive, it turns out, I had an epic sleep and woke up without having to skull a liter of water.”

But after sleeping with his mouth taped shut for a night, Hasick observed other advantages as well. He could also breathe more easily!

“And my nose was clear. Since then, I’ve been taping my mouth each night, sleeping great, and my skin feels so much more moisturized. I’m sure it will take a while to unconsciously breathe through my nose 24/7, given that I’ve been in this motor pattern for so many years. However, during sleep is a solid 8 hours/day in the right direction,” he said.

Hasick’s claim that nose breathing is better for the body than mouth breathing is supported by Healthline. The body uses the oxygen that is inhaled more effectively when you breathe through your nose.

The foreign particles that can enter your body while you breathe are also filtered out by your nose. On the other hand, your mouth admits anything to your body. As nitric oxide is produced during nose breathing, doing so can assist humidify the air you inhale and enhance the flow of oxygen throughout your body.

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