HELL FREEZES OVER And The Huffington Post Just Admitted The Truth About Trump!

Eventually, you can get even the Huffington Post to admit the truth.

Certainly anyone with sense about them will understand that it will take a good amount of time but eventually everyone tends to come around.

Despite not really wanting to say it, the liberal cat pan liner has stood up, taken their medicine and admitted that a year into his first term in office that President Trump is “winning.”

“This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit,” begins Earl Ofari Hutchinson, “Trump is winning.”

Hutchinson, a co-host of the Al Sharpton Show made the point that according to various signs that the Trump presidency is indeed a success beginning with the laundry list of campaign promises.

Among Mr. Trump’s many victories, Hutchinson enumerates Mick Mulvaney’s appointment to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Neil Gorsuch’s contribution to the Supreme Court, Scott Pruitt’s work at the EPA, Trump’s support of fossil fuels to make America energy independent, the RNC backing of judge Roy Moore in Alabama, the fizzling out of Russiagate, the passage of the tax reform bill, and the record-level stock market.

However, he admits that all of these little victories are small in comparison to the big three victories.

First, President Trump has firmly taken charge of the Republican Party.

Second, he has got his base energized and has managed to keep their support for him at full steam.

Third, he has captured and harnessed the mainstream media for his own purposes. Personally speaking, short of Ronald Reagan I have not seen a President use the media so successfully.

The one caveat abut Hutchinson’s admission is that he feels that somehow all of this is bad for America. Which he may as well have come out and said from the very beginning because it’s one of those things that at the end of the day just goes to prove the partiality of so many in the media that want to trash the President simply because it isn’t a Clinton or an Obama.