One gas station in Lewis Country Store in Nashville, Tennessee is now making noise for slamming the Biden administration over soaring gas prices by broadcasting a giant Hunter Biden meme on its sign.

The memes include photos of a laughing Tucker Carlson, an empty gas gauge with the Biden and Harris logo and a meme of the president’s son, Hunter Biden, smoking crack in a bathtub.

“Hope gas prices don’t get too high,” one side of the meme reads that shows Hunter Biden while in a bathtub and smoking crack. The other side is captioned “gas prices,” with the Biden family photo.

The gas station and country store previously made waves for putting a message and haven’t been afraid to promote their conservative values in the past.

Last July, the country store slammed the COVID lockdowns with a sign that read, “Roses are red. The grass is greener. If you think I’m gonna wear a mask, you can suck my wiener.”

The owners also had a sign on the door blasting Communists and telling customers that masks are not required in the store.

“If you are scared stay at home! If you are afraid to be within 6 feet of another person please do not enter,” the shop’s signage read.

“Rest assured people like me are willing to fight until our last breath and bullet to defend the constitution of this last frontier of freedom left on the planet we call the United States of America,” said owner Brad Lewis last year.

Gas prices have been steadily rising since Biden took the White House, and even more so after his administration failed to do anything about Colonial Pipeline getting hacked by cyberterrorists.


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