The unexpected shutdown of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) last week highlights the potential fallout from embracing extreme progressive policies.

HomeDepot co-founder Bernard Marcus joined the March 11 episode of Fox News’ Cavuto Live to discuss how the bank’s downfall was a direct result of its overly “woke” approach.

Marcus asserted, “These banks are poorly managed because everyone is fixated on diversity and all of the woke topics, rather than focusing on what truly matters—shareholder returns. Instead of safeguarding their shareholders and employees, they prioritize social policies.”

This incident serves as a small-scale illustration of a broader problem: the Democratic party, the Biden administration, and left-leaning media have all played a role in obscuring the truth about the state of the American economy.

From the Royal Bank of Canada implementing “climate modifier” rewards for top executives, to 19 states probing six U.S. banks for collaborating with the U.N. to withhold credit from fossil fuel-related enterprises, it’s evident that the Democrats place their “woke” ambitions above the welfare of their citizens.

The SVB debacle should be a reality check for all Americans. It’s crucial to stand up against the Democrats’ ill-advised strategies and focus on adopting Republican policies that will genuinely benefit the populace.

There’s no denying that the Democrats have promoted their “woke” ideology at the expense of the American people. This approach has contributed to a significant rise in debt, sluggish economic growth, and an unprecedented surge in job losses.

The time has come to put an end to this detrimental trend by voting for Republican candidates who will resist the Democrats’ perilous policies.

The SVB closure serves as a sobering reminder that the Democrats’ “woke” agenda is not just misguided, but also hazardous.

We must stand up for what’s right and put an end to these dangerous policies. It’s time to support Republican candidates who will prioritize the American people and put a stop to the Democrats’ reckless strategies.

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: LibertyNews

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