Hollywood Legend Pat Boone’s Message To Modern Day Actors Is Absolutely Spot On…

The legendary Pat Boone, a star of the ’50s and ’60s, has recently spoken out against the current state of Hollywood, expressing his dissatisfaction with the moral values in today’s film industry. Having led a successful career in both music and movies, Boone has seen the best and worst that showbiz has to offer. But nothing could have prepared us for the strong language he used to condemn modern Hollywood.

Promoting his faith-based film, The Mulligan, which centers on forgiveness, Boone revealed to Fox News that it takes a lot to impress him when it comes to accepting new roles. He lamented the disappearance of moral values in today’s movies and critiqued the shift from good triumphing over evil to the glorification of lawbreakers.

Pat Boone

Boone stated, “The film industry was a great export for America for so many years. We were showing America in its best light.” He continued, “But now, the whole thing is upside down. Some of the biggest films now show people getting away with the worst things. Lawbreakers are even celebrated. The criminals are becoming bigger. Heroes are doing worse things than criminals and being rewarded for it. The movies being made now are immoral, and they’ve lost their meaning.”

The singer’s criticism extended beyond movies to Netflix’s series Big Mouth, an animated puberty comedy. Boone expressed his disgust with the show’s content, questioning how parents could think it suitable for their children to watch. He went on to argue that the entertainment industry is committing suicide, with television celebrating everything short of actual pornography.

Boone also shared his concerns about how this trend is damaging America’s image. He believes that focusing on high ratings has led to a prioritization of profit over presenting people in the best light, consequently celebrating the worst aspects of humanity.

Interestingly, Pat Boone once declined a film role alongside Marilyn Monroe due to his Christian values. Though he would have loved to work with Monroe, he felt the immoral storyline would send the wrong message to his teenage fans, promoting an illicit affair as acceptable behavior.

Boone’s views on modern Hollywood resonate with many Americans frustrated with the current state of entertainment. While some may dismiss his opinions as outdated, a significant portion of the population still appreciates entertainers who uphold the ideals they grew up with.

It’s time we reevaluate the entertainment industry’s moral compass and consider whether we’ve strayed too far from the values that once made it great.

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