VIDEO: Elderly Woman Robbed At Gunpoint In Her Driveway

Deplorable acts of theft are a common occurrence with the most recent happening in Hillsborough County, Florida, after an elderly woman was held at gunpoint while unloading groceries in her front yard.

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Naturally, liberals will ignore reason and blame gun control for this crime.

Do they honestly believe that the criminal obtained his gun through legal measures?

Via Fox 13 News:

An 86-year-old woman had just gotten home from grocery shopping at Walmart when an armed man ran up behind her and demanded her purse. Investigators later told her she had been followed home from the store by the suspects.

It happened Sunday around 12:30 p.m. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is now on the hunt for the suspect and his getaway driver.

The victim wasn’t hurt. But she’s too shaken up to talk about what happened, after having a gun pointed right at her. Fortunately for investigators, a camera caught the whole thing.

Watch Here:

Liberals believe that stricter gun control laws would be the answer to all of America’s problems in the wake of massacres such as the Aurora, Colorado, theater shooting that resulted in the deaths of 12 innocent movie goers. What the left fails to recognize is that these types of criminals have no regard for the law and will manage to illegally obtain fire power. Stricter gun control laws effectively removes self protection from the hands of the innocent and places all the power in the hands of the corrupt.

Sadly this crime seems to be a trend occurring across the country as multiple reports of elderly woman being robbed in their driveways continue to gain coverage.

Via Fox 6 News:

Police in Memphis are looking for a man who robbed an elderly woman in her own driveway. The 71-year-old woman was beaten with a tire iron while fighting the robber for 15 minutes back in march.

Watch Here: