People Who Attended Hillary’s Thank You Party Give An Inside Look At What Really Happened

Well it looks like if you guessed Hillary’s big thank you party was just another way for Dems to get together and cry about how Hillary Clinton lost her campaign, then you hit it right out of the park! Like a funeral, huh? Well, symbolically that may make a lot of sense.

VIA| Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton hosted a holiday party to thank her top tier donors and campaign advisors Thursday night, during which she blamed her election loss on Russia and FBI Director James Comey.

Clinton was photographed somberly sitting in the back of a black car as it was directed into the loading dock garage of Plaza Hotel.

During a closed-door gathering of deep-pocketed campaign donors, Clinton blamed Russia for her election loss.

According to an audio recording obtained by the New York Times, Clinton alleged Russian president Vladimir Putin has a personal grudge against her for saying the 2011 parliamentary elections in his country were rigged.

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