There you have it folks. Trump is going to be our next President. Hillary, you have officially been defeated, over and over. I’m sure you’re exhausted. Get some sleep.

VIA| Not only did the electors almost all vote as their state intended for them to vote…. most of the dissenters (or attempted dissenters in some states) were not opposing Trump. Many of the electors refused to back Hillary Clinton. Apparently the issue, yet again, has a lot less to do with what the mainstream media is painting it to be.

Yet again, Americans are sending a message. A message is being shouted and the media refuses to hear it. Americans are tired of being unheard.

You know if NPR is willing to admit to defeat…. the Left must really be in poor shape.
They reported:

That voting continues, but by early evening, Trump went over the 270 needed, according to the Associated Press, which tracked results from capitol to capitol. That was despite a pitched effort by some on the left who wrote letters to Trump electors trying to persuade them to switch their votes or not vote at all and keep Trump short of the 270 needed.

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Are you ready for Donald Trump to be your President?

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