A horrifying incident was captured on camera with a cell phone, by another student, when a teacher humiliated an Oregon girl by stripping her to her underwear in front of her entire class.

The student was fifteen-year-old Sara Rue who was trying to exit English class at Roberts Annex on a Thursday afternoon when a teacher who was guarding the door forcefully pulled her back inside. Rue was feeling extremely anxious when an argument ensued between her teacher and another student.

Sara Rue, 15, was humiliated in front of her entire class when her English teacher ripped her shirt off.

Because, of an anxiety attack, the student attempted to leave the classroom while she was in her language arts class at the Roberts Alternative High School Annex. However, a cellphone video of the incident shows the teacher grabbing Rue, hard enough that her sweatshirt came off, leaving the student in a red bra, cursing and crying on the floor.

Sara Rue, 15, was humiliated in front of her entire class when her English teacher ripped her shirt off.

When there is chaos or people fighting around her, Rue said she gets anxiety attacks and at the moment, there was a dispute between the teacher and another student. She says she should have been allowed to briefly leave the classroom to collect herself but the horrifying incident just happened.

“I’m really self conscious about my body so (the class) just saw how fat I am and all that stuff,” she said. “I can’t believe that happened.”

School authorities have started an investigation, despite the fact that there was no criminal conduct after a review by Salem police.

Jay Remy, spokesman for Salem-Keizer schools said, “Why did she put her hands on the student, to begin with? That needs to be determined through investigating to see if there was a legitimate reason to have her hands on the student in the first place.”

Well, it’s hard to see why a teacher should be given the right to strip a female student in front of her peers for no other reason than that the girl tried to leave the room. As Remy claims that the authorities are uncertain if this incident fits under such guidelines. Because the policy of the school district permits a teacher to use reasonable physical force if the situation calls for it.

“She doesn’t have any right to put her hands on me,” said Rue. Admitting that she could have handled the issue better by letting her instructor know that she needed to leave the room, but even so, she feels that her teacher went too far, and it would be difficult for anybody to disagree after watching the upsetting video of the incident.

Carrie McCann who had been teaching in the Salem-Keizer district for 23 years and the teacher who is responsible for the incident was placed on paid administrative leave.

Watch the video below for more details:

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