The world has been aware of the consequences COVID-19 virus or the so-called China Virus. From wearing disturbing masks, heavy enforcement of COVID-19 vaccinations, and manipulative lockdowns which makes no sense.

But what this Houston mother did to prevent herself from getting the COVID-19 virus is insane!

She was arrested and charged with child endangerment.

Wanna know what she did? Well, she stuffed her teenage child in the trunk of her car to prevent herself from getting exposed’ to the China virus.

42-year-old Sarah Beam was at a Covid testing site on January 3 when officials learned her teen child was in the trunk of the car.

Fox 26 Houston reported:

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has charged a mother Friday after her teenage son was allegedly found in the trunk of her car.

Details are limited but according to the DA’s office, Sarah Beam, 42, was at a COVID-19 testing site at Pridgeon Stadium on Falcon Rd on January 3 when officials were alerted her teenage child, 13, was in her car’s trunk.

According to charging documents, Beam said her child was in the trunk because they had previously tested positive for COVID-19 and as a result, wanted to “prevent her[self] from getting exposed to possible COVID while driving [the child] to the stadium for additional testing.”

Records also state an official witness with Cypress-Fairbanks ISD requested to see the child and that Beams “would not be receiving COVID testing until the child would be removed from the trunk of the vehicle and place[d] in the back seat of the vehicle.”

The witness also called the police shortly thereafter but when she returned, found the 13-year-old to be in the backseat. During the investigation, surveillance footage corroborated the moment the child, who was reportedly unharmed, get out of the trunk and get in the passenger side back seat of the car.

It has been always a good thing to be protective and help not spread the China Virus but with this type of prevention, you are simply trying to kill someone just to keep yourself safe.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Fox 26 Houston

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