Telling the court the bizarre reason that it’s physically impossible for her to do so, a teacher who was caught sending explicit photos and video of her performing lewd acts have denied having sex with the boy!

Kandice Barber, a married 35-year-old school cover supervisor, was initially accused of sending a 15-year-old male student topless photos of herself via Snapchat and engaging in sex with him. As rumors spread throughout a Birmingham school claiming that a local teacher has been implicated in various sex crimes with a male student.

Kandice Barber

According to Mirror, she was found guilty of one charge but ultimately cleared of three counts of encouraging or causing a youngster to engage in sexual activity while in a position of trust.

On the other charges, the jury at Aylesbury Crown Court was unable to reach a decision. The acquittal, meanwhile, might not last long given the prosecution’s amassed mountain of convincing evidence against her. Since then, a new trial date has been set for her.

Claiming that it would be physically impossible for her to have sex with him because she is “too short” and of “tiny” stature, the educator has denied all physical sexual contact with the boy, as the Sun reports that Barber appeared in court once more for allegedly engaging in repeated sexual activity with her minor victim, including one incident in an abandoned field.

Naturally, the prosecution rejected her defense and continued the trial. Barber’s defense claims that because she apparently only reaches his shoulders in height, she insists that her being  5-foot-tall couldn’t physically have sex with the student.

Barber’s lawyer questioned the complainant asking, “You told the police that you were stood behind her. You had pulled your clothes down, you accept she is quite tiny, only about five feet isn’t she, so you were taller than her at the time, weren’t you? You did not even think she could reach your shoulders at the time would she?”

Kandice Barber’s husband promised to support his wife throughout the trial.

The victim told the court that Barber pulled over and allegedly straddled the victim in her 44 car. The pair then exited the vehicle so that she could perform oral sex on him in a secluded area, and on the side of a road next to the boy’s house, another alleged incident allegedly took place.

“Let us just understand, you then get out of the car and walk to a little wooded area – that is where she, you say, performed oral sex on you. Why would you get out of the car at all? She is on top of you and you are performing a sexual act in the car. What was the need to get out of the car? Presumably it would have been just a matter of her body being moved down further on your trouser area,” the defense asked the boy.

The boy claims that they moved to a close by area that was obscured by the brush so they wouldn’t get caught, answering that the pair chose to exit the vehicle because it was parked right next to a busy main road near his house as he dismissed the defense’s implication.

And if he ever told anyone about their relationship, the alleged threats made by Barber are possibly the case’s most alarming feature. The victim claims the teacher threatened to “knock him down” by accusing him of rape.

Another rumor that spread throughout the school, is that she called to say that she had a miscarriage, as the youngster claims that Barber used the possibility of her becoming pregnant to emotionally blackmail him. However, the baby was fathered by her husband Barber claims.

“She had told me she could be pregnant with my child and I began to panic. I lied to pretty much everyone except my friends. She said that if I was going to snitch, snake on her basically, she was going to bring me down with her. I was like, are you going to accuse me of rape? She was like, dot dot dot. Obviously I got angry and I did not talk to her after that,” The boy told specialist cops.

Barber, however, continues to deny making direct sexual contact with the youngster and threatening him, and Barber’s husband has promised to be by her throughout the trial, referring to her as his “rock.”

Tragically, the impact on impressionable, cognitively immature children can last for years, leaving behind imperceptible scars that damage various aspects of their lives. And as the incident sheds focus on the troubling consequences of such actions as well as a growing trend in improper teacher-student relationships.

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