This is a perfect example of an immediate KARMA. What goes around comes around.

This week, a violent car thief assaulted an elderly grandmother before taking off with her vehicle. Soon after, he died in a crash.

According to The Police Tribune, 71-year-old San Antonian Shirlene Hernandez was going about her usual routine of picking up a Diet Coke from a petrol station when the thief approached her.

The thief then punched her in the face several times and swiped the keys from her hands before driving away. Three witnesses tried to tackle the man, but he managed to flee.

She’s lucky not to have been more seriously injured, but her assailant later crashed her car and died.

Following the carjacking, police found the car on the interstate highway, but it was totaled. The suspected carjacker’s body was found inside.

Hernandez said told the news outlet:

“There’s a lot of people who would say what goes around comes around karma. I did not think that; the only thing I got (was) really sad because he had died. Now granted, he had hurt me, but the Lord saw fit to take him out of his misery.”

She hopes her story will urge good Samaritans to step forward and help out whenever they see trouble unfold.

“I just hope that if this situation happens to anybody else, that somebody will step forward, leap forward, run forward, whatever and help the person that it’s happening to.”

Despite being shaken by the experience, the great-grandmother isn’t letting the crime shape her life as she continues to work while saving for another car.

“I realised – I don’t have a car, I just don’t want to quit working and so I’ve got to somehow get another car and that takes money and stuff. I’ve got to figure out what to do.”

GoFundMe has been launched by her granddaughter to help her purchase a vehicle so she could get to ‘work or appointments’.

Sources: wcax, The Police Tribune

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