HEAVEN SENT: This Texan Just Walked Up To Trump And Suddenly A Miracle Happened

President Trump and Melania visited Houston on Saturday to visit with Hurricane Harvey victims and survey the relief effort on the ground. During his meet and greet with those affected by the storm, he met one grateful supporter that showed just how much his visit meant to him and other Texans in need.

As the president finished taking pictures, the man comes up to him, shakes his hand, and says something incredible:

“We looked out the window to see if an ark was coming down the street. It didn’t come. But you guys did and that’s what counts.”

Check out that awesome moment here:

This man’s words show just how impactful the president was during his visit to Texas, no matter what else the media tries to say.

President Trump is changing lives in Texas- SHARE it loud, and SHARE it proud, Patriots!