Since the ground is covered in snow, it looked absurd to see a farm tractor out in the cold. Working the land in the winter is not a good idea. However, this farmer had other ideas in mind.

A John Deere 6400 tractor, 10 inches of freshly fallen snow, and a high-tech drone have all created the most amazing message to the world.

The incredible mission began one crisp winter morning by Farmer Dan at Prunty Farms in frigid Hartford, South Dakota. The popular, fifth-generation family farm thought they would show folks what “tractor snow art” is all about and how its splendid communication could capture the eyes of the world.

Old-fashioned Christmas cards are unquestionably the best method to offer individual holiday greetings to the people you care about. But for Farmer Dan and the one group at Prunty Farms that believed there was a more poignant way to do it with skill, speed, creativity, and pretty cursive writing.

They have become experts at making drone videos of beautiful Prunty Farms, and there is always a cool message enclosed.

A gorgeous 10-inch blanket of fresh powder and two acres of farmland are used to masterfully produce the holiday greeting. With one of the people was high in the air filming the event with the drone while Farmer Dan knew he had one shot to deliver the message with flawless spelling and a complex pattern of swirls and straight lines.

Farmer Dan has spent his entire life working on a farm, so he is quite familiar with tractors and how to operate them. However, he was also aware that every tractor impression would be crucial and that, once the message was out, it would be impossible to change.

He committed several hours to craft the perfect Christmas message and felt as though the season itself was guiding him. He took off, guiding his John Deere 6400 through the snow with ease and assurance, assuring everyone on the farm that he was an artist with a brush and palette.

Farmer Dan created his tractor snow art in a manner akin to that of a contemporary Picasso, and the results were wonderful, exceptional, and brilliant. Those who were fortunate enough to be flying above Prunty Farms were treated to a spectacular ground-level holiday message: “Merry Christmas” in perfectly drawn swirls and lines.

Pure elegance, a representation of nature, and an unforgettable holiday greeting were all present in the image. The creation was captured by an aerial drone, which allowed for a meaningful global message. People didn’t need a pricey greeting card or a costly gift set because they could instantly share this message with everyone and watch it repeatedly. It had a classic, enduring appeal. A simple greeting that spreads happiness and optimism among the masses may mean so much, especially in light of all the misery and violence in the world.

And although it was filmed two years ago, it has resurfaced online and become successful again, it did more than just please people.

“What do you get when you mix a Tractor, a Drone and 10″ of Snow? A TWO ACRE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Hopefully, Santa will see it when he flies over on Christmas Eve!” Prunty Farms wrote.

With following were some of the comments by Viewers like you who were astounded:

“Very nice! Thank you and Merry Christmas!”

“WOW, the was very cool and Nice!!!”

The words “Merry” and “Christmas” might seem too simple to matter, but in the grand picture, their words speak volumes.

Watch the video below for more details:

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