The tranquility of a leisurely snorkeling trip was shattered when Martin Sholl stumbled upon an eerie scene at the bottom of the Colorado River in Parker, Arizona. What seemed to be two skeletons strapped to lawn chairs quickly ended Sholl’s aquatic adventure, prompting him to contact the police to investigate his shocking discovery.

La Paz County Sheriff’s Office sprang into action after receiving a report of “found human remains” near the Cienega Springs boat launch. Sholl had been enjoying his snorkeling trip when he spotted the skeletal remains submerged in the river, as reported by AZ Central. In response, the Buckskin Fire Department dispatched a diver to assess the situation.

Colorado River skeletons

Much to everyone’s surprise, what initially seemed like a sinister crime scene turned out to be an elaborate and humorous prank. The diver discovered that the skeletons were not human remains, but rather part of an underwater tea party. The skeletons, complete with sunglasses and tea cups, sat in lawn chairs as if they had been there for quite some time.

Colorado River skeletons

The fire department diver, equipped with an underwater camera, captured the scene as he found it. Both skeletons and lawn chairs were covered in algae and debris, and a partially obscured sign was also present.

The sign once cleaned off, read, “Bernie living the dream in the river.” This message is believed to be a nod to the 1989 film Weekend At Bernie’s, in which the main characters carry their deceased boss’s body around, even losing and recovering it multiple times. In one memorable scene, Bernie’s corpse falls off a boat and into the water.

Colorado River skeletons

La Paz County Sheriff’s Department later shared the diver’s video on their Facebook page, acknowledging the humorous nature of the incident.

They wrote, “Although the call itself was resource intensive, both the Sheriff’s Office and Buckskin Fire were happy to find that the remains weren’t real and thanked the reporting party for making the call.”

Martin Sholl couldn’t help but laugh at the outcome of his alarming find. He recounted, “It was funny. The next day when my friend called and told me that the chaos I created was on every morning show in the country, I was shocked.” Despite the wasted resources and initial fear, the prankster behind this skeleton tea party managed to pull off a joke that will be remembered for a long time.

In a rare show of humor, the Sheriff’s Department has decided not to pursue the person responsible for the prank. It’s safe to say that the unusual underwater scene provided a good laugh for all involved, even if it began as a terrifying encounter for one unsuspecting snorkeler.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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