On Monday, one burglary suspect attempted to escape from the authorities inside the interview room in the weirdest way.

The suspect Terence Meehan, 29 a resident of Punta Gorda was arrested on Monday after one homeowner called the police and reported that Meehan was pacing on their lanai a day after stealing cash from a child’s bedroom, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) reported.

“Well the Detectives heard some commotion,” Claudette Smith said. “They opened the interview room and they saw him hanging from the ceiling, where he pushed out a ceiling tile in an attempt to escape the room.”

Hours later Meehan stole cash from the homeowner, neighbors told the authorities that they spotted him hours later near Goldcoast Avenue. The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office used a helicopter to search for the suspect. Investigators say Meehan was found hiding between a garage and an RV in the neighborhood.

He was then arrested and taken into the CCSO’s district office on Loveland Boulevard where he was taken into an interview room for questioning. And according to the detectives, they heard a ‘commotion’ and went into the room to find the 29-year-old hanging from the ceiling trying to escape custody.

During his arrest, he was also found carrying a stolen credit card, identification, and medical marijuana cards in his possession.

The following are the charges that Terrence Meehan (11/4/1992) is facing:

  • Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling Unarmed
  • Escape
  • Possession of Burglary Tools
  • Grand Theft Property Between $100 and $300 from Dwelling
  • Resisting Officer Without Violence

States Sheriff Bill Prummell said, “Thank you to the community members who made the call regarding a suspicious person in their neighborhood. We always say you are the expert on what is normal in your neighborhood. If there is suspicious activity, please, ‘Make the Call, and Make a Difference”

Meanwhile, Meehan is currently being held on a 24 thousand dollar bond.

Sources: Breaking 11, SNN TV, NBC, Fox 4

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