A movement is now rising in our country. And this is because people are over with Joe Biden’s failures since taking the office, especially how he handled the Afghanistan crisis.

People are waving Trump flags and shouting for President Trump. This movement is happening in “middle America.”

Crowds shouting chants like “F**K BIDEN” and random people standing up in restaurants asking “who actually voted for Joe??” are only one of the examples of this movement.

X99 News previously reported about a man claiming to be an Iraq War veteran standing in the middle of a crowded restaurant on Aug. 26 — the same day 13 U.S. servicemen were killed at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber during the failed withdrawal of the American troops – ask his fellow diners “Who voted for Biden?”

In the video, a man stands up while eating at a Red Lobster – neither his name nor the location of the restaurant are known (Instagram poster appears to be from Tennessee) – and starts asking his fellow patrons “Who voted for Biden? Who voted for him?” Some of the customers start laughing, and a few even respond by saying: “He doesn’t need anyone to vote for him… it’s all dead people!”

Americans are now tired of this sham and are doing their part to save this country.

That’s the beauty of a real movement…you can’t snuff it out or end it simply by replacing the old guy with someone new.

And nowhere was that more evident than at a small high school football game in Silverton, Oregon.

During this high school game, a random man ran out on the field waving a Trump flag, and the crowd went wild.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, X99 News

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