In a quaint little town called Breese, Illinois, there lived a grandfather named Landry James. He was a loving and caring man who had two sisters, four daughters, and two granddaughters. For generations, Landry had been the only male in the family, a fact that often made him feel a little outnumbered. Little did he know, however, that a delightful surprise was about to change everything.

Carie Elbe, Landry’s daughter, was expecting a baby. What was truly extraordinary about this pregnancy was that Carie was going to have a baby boy! But she decided to keep this momentous news a secret from her dear father, intending to surprise him with the joyous revelation at just the right moment.

As the day of the baby’s arrival approached, anticipation and excitement filled the air. The family gathered at the hospital to celebrate the birth of their newest addition, not knowing the wonderful secret Carie had kept from them all. A video camera was set up to capture Grandpa Landry’s reaction to the big surprise.

The scene began with Grandpa Landry cradling the swaddled newborn, completely oblivious to the fact that the baby was not a little girl as he had expected. Carie playfully asked her father, “So what do you think of another baby girl?” Landry, none the wiser, commented on the baby’s hair color and marveled at the sweet innocence of the newest family member.

Then, as the moment of truth arrived, Carie carefully pulled back the blanket to reveal a tiny t-shirt that read,FYI: I’m a boy!” Landry, initially distracted by the baby’s features, failed to notice the message on the shirt. It took him a moment to grasp the meaning of the words, and when he did, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “A what?”

Carie patiently waited for her father’s shock to dissipate and for the reality of the situation to sink in. Landry continued to question why the baby was wearing that particular shirt, still not entirely convinced. Carie gently clarified, “Because it’s a boy.” Landry’s stunned response? “No way.”

Finally accepting the fantastic news, Grandpa Landry playfully called his family “brats” and then couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at the extraordinary revelation. It was truly remarkable how Carie had managed to keep this secret throughout her entire pregnancy, especially given that her father was eager to know the baby’s gender.

The fact that the newborn boy was delivered on Grandfather Landry’s birthday added even more significance to the surprise. A touching video chronicling the entire incident and capturing Landry’s utter excitement and wonder when he discovered he was no longer the only man in the family was posted to YouTube by Caters Clips.

The video received a lot of attention, and viewers from all over the world commented on it. One commenter who had spent 34 years working in labor and delivery emphasized that it was very normal for a parent to be delighted about their child’s gender. They emphasized that the significance of the occasion for the family was not diminished by the joy of having a healthy baby, regardless of gender.

And so, in the small town of Breese, Illinois, the story of Grandpa Landry, his daughter Carie, and the birth of a baby boy that changed the family dynamic forever would be remembered and cherished for generations to come.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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