Some laws are in place for a purpose, and if you disobey one of them, there will always be consequences.

And as we come to the gas station. We all know that highly flammable liquids and gasses are pretty dangerous and filling up your tank, of course! There will always be rules to follow because everything possesses fire threats and you are not only putting other lives at risk of sudden death, but you’re also putting every other person at the station on the same fast track to hell.

Disaster can happen within seconds and you may never know what went wrong. That is why you all should know what type of rules when it comes to filling up your car.

There are things to avoid when filling up at a gas station, including:

  • Failing to turn off the engine

Never start the engine while getting fuel since it could start a fire. Cooking appliances, pilot lights, and tanker heaters should all be off.

  • Light a cigarette

Never use a match or smoke in a gas station. Safely tuck your lighters away in your pocket. Even a small spark from your lighter might start a fire since there are gasoline vapors in the air.

  • Use your cell phone

Although there is no evidence to support the possibility of cell phone sparks being the culprit behind fires in gas stations, it is still safe not to use them.

There is lots of traffic in the gas station with cars standing bumper to bumper, so the best thing to do is avoid using cell phones.

However, there is something about an arrogant rogue. As it seems pretty logical to refrain from smoking, this man just smokes where he likes. And to add, this douchebag even refuses to put it out despite being warned by staff at the station.

Fortunately, he just learned his lesson when a man who is not ready to die just did the right thing.

This idiocy happened in Russia, according to the Rumble description: “The footage shot at Russia’s Gazprom gas station somewhere in Sofia, Bulgaria, shows the man driving up to the pump and getting out of the vehicle. In a true CCTV fashion, the footage is blurry, but the one thing that can clearly be noticed is that the man seems to be arguing with someone off-camera. Then comes one of the station’s employees, grabs a big fire extinguisher, pops it open, and sprays the man in the face with it,” the Rumble description reads.

The following statement about how the person used a fire extinguisher to put out the cigarette, was concluded in the video description.

“It’s reasonable that this employee at the gas station got all-around miffed when a smoker declined to put out his cigar while pumping gas. As the video of the occurrence appears, it would appear that the orderly made the demand verbally; however, this brother just would not quit smoking. Nor would he, in any event, leave the gas tanks to complete his cigarette. Wow. Yes, he really did just put out that guy’s cigarette with a fire extinguisher! And let’s just say that the internet is loving this gas station vigilante!”

Watch the video below:

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