To a man from Ohio, there is nothing more enjoyable than playing around in the snow.

Ever since he was a kid, Blake Dixon has always had a bit of an obsession with snow days. In point of fact, when he was in middle school, he had a recurring fantasy of constructing a snow palace or anything along those lines.

After a number of years had passed, his childhood goal eventually materialized, and now he is overjoyed beyond measure.

We’re talking igloos, of course.

Dixon has built a large igloo in South Euclid, OH (a suburb of Cleveland), that features multiple rooms. He even plans on adding more rooms, and a chimney with a fireplace in the coming days.

After many years of hard work and dedication, Dixon was finally successful in constructing the largest igloo of his career.

The man began working on his big project a few weeks ago, but things didn’t appear to be heading in the right direction at first.

The friend of Blake’s who assisted him in building the igloo stated:

“When we first started working on it, all we had was a pile of snow, and then we were working on the inside to pull it all out.”

“The top collapsed, and with some ingenuity from Blake, as well as a little bit of persistence, we were able to reconstruct the dome.”

His igloo looks like the ultimate hangout spot for adults and kids. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to pour some whiskey ciders and chill out in an igloo for an afternoon? Looks so nice and cozy.

This was the feel-good “news” that I needed today. You can tell that this man’s love of snow is genuine and pure. Seeing him light up talking about his igloo brought a smile to my face.

Just remember- you’re never too old or busy to have fun. Go outside. Play in the snow. Build an igloo. Enjoy life.

Social media, television, and video games are fun, but there’s nothing better than enjoying the outdoors.

Well done, Blake, well done!

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM

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