An unexpected verdict emerges in a high-profile lawsuit, but the real battle begins as the political landscape braces for heated debate and candidates risk alienating millions of loyal supporters.

The verdict in Donald Trump‘s sexual battery lawsuit, a high-stakes event for the political landscape, has been delivered. E. Jean Carroll, the writer who pursued the civil case, secured a favorable ruling from the Manhattan jury, labeling the former president responsible for sexual battery and defamation, leading to a $5 million award.

However, her rape accusations failed to gather sufficient traction. The implications of this verdict are bound to trigger heated debates, a conversation that surprisingly found Geraldo Rivera of Fox News championing the leftist perspective.

Fox News, in its revamped avatar, accommodates Rivera’s ill-informed, self-aggrandizing liberalism while sidelining the likes of Tucker Carlson. This left the stage open for Rivera, in the aftermath of the verdict, to square off against Trump advocate Leo Terrell. Unsurprisingly, Rivera’s argument fell short.

Rivera, in his ostensible wisdom, suggested the gravity of this verdict lay in two aspects: the severity of sexual battery accusations “in this day and age,” and the alleged historical significance of the ruling that, according to him, could jeopardize Trump’s 2024 candidacy. Terrell, however, countered Rivera’s argument with a stark reminder of the other “historic firsts” tied to a president that Rivera conveniently overlooked.

Terrell warned that those daring to use the Manhattan courtroom’s events to target Trump would do so at great risk. He pointed out the potential backlash from Trump’s loyal base, stating, “You attack Trump, you attack 75 million Trump supporters.” He firmly asserted that any candidate daring to bring up the verdict would be treading on dangerous ground.

Terrell continued to underscore Trump’s enduring popularity amongst the masses, pointing out that no other candidate could command the same level of support as Trump, capable of rallying tens of thousands at the drop of a hat. Despite agreeing with Terrell’s assessment of Trump’s “charisma and magnetism,” Rivera insisted the verdict would bear significance.

But Rivera’s perspective is skewed. As Terrell pointed out, Trump’s journey has been riddled with a series of unprecedented events: the Mar-a-Lago raid, two impeachments, criminal charges, and civil cases, including the one pursued by the state of New York against the Trump Organization. And yet, despite all these “historic firsts,” Trump’s popularity remains unfazed.

Carroll’s lawsuit, despite being decided in one of the most liberal parts of the country and failing to establish the most severe accusations, was touted as a victory by the mainstream media. This verdict, regardless of the media spin, barely made a ripple in public opinion, even though Trump didn’t put up a defense and will easily cover the damages.

The fate that befell Geraldo is a warning to the left and the anti-Trump faction. The relentless legal onslaught against Donald Trump may seem like a winning strategy to them, but as Terrell pointed out, “everyday Americans” recognize the bias. Any politician or pundit dismissing this sentiment does so at their own peril.

Source: WesternJournal

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