HA! AOC’s Engagement Ring Is Going Viral For Every Single Wrong Reason…

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the well-known progressive from New York City, has recently unveiled her engagement ring, asserting that it is made of “zero-emission and recycled gold.” The announcement came after journalist Francesca Fiorentini tweeted to the New York congresswoman, saying, “Your ring gotta be made of tinfoil; otherwise, the right’s gonna flip.”

Ocasio-Cortez revealed her engagement to marketer Riley Roberts on Thursday but did not provide a detailed explanation of how her ring produces zero emissions.

Many are curious about the specifics of Ocasio-Cortez’s engagement ring, with some speculating that the diamond might have been lab-grown rather than mined by underage workers, which would make it more ethically sourced. Ocasio-Cortez would undoubtedly prefer a lab-grown diamond over a “blood diamond” that has been linked to terrible working conditions and significant risks for miners.

Jewelry experts estimate that the cost of Ocasio-Cortez’s ring ranges between $10,000 and $30,000. However, Peter Kahan from Katz Jewelry in New York City’s Diamond District suggests that the congresswoman may have been misled when purchasing recycled gold. Kahan explains, “Recycled gold is a marketing term used to promote the gold. All gold is recycled. No gold is ever wasted.”

As for the diamond, Kahan adds, “If it’s grown in a laboratory … it’s not a blood diamond.”

Despite Ocasio-Cortez’s effort to choose an environmentally friendly engagement ring, critics have been quick to attack her decision. Some have accused her of hypocrisy, pointing to her vote to send $50 billion to fund a war that would inevitably create significant emissions.

In the midst of the criticism, there are those who have praised the beauty and quality of Ocasio-Cortez’s engagement ring. John Buckley, the owner of Tuscany Rose Watch and Diamond, told The New York Post that the ring has a lot of “panache.” He described it as a “nice make,” estimating that it is a 1.75-2.25 carat solitaire set in yellow gold.

WATCH the video below for more details:

As the debate over Ocasio-Cortez’s engagement ring continues, it is essential to consider whether the focus should be on her personal choices or her political actions. While her choice of an environmentally conscious engagement ring has garnered both praise and criticism, it should not detract from the discussion of her political decisions and their potential consequences.

Source: AWM