As you know, animals are crazy for food. Have you ever temped your dog with a snack? You just see them doing just about everything they can to get it. One dog even discovered a way of saying “mama.”

But while dogs are known for getting excited over food, fish are a different matter. One diver discovered this the hard way when he lowered himself into a shark cage and his accomplices started dumping chum in the water. After the shark went berserk over the food surplus, it broke through the steel cage with the man. The water was thrashed around. Video shows the bloody sharking emerging…

Unless were are dealing with man-eating sharks, many times we assume fish don’t really have much going on in the old noggin. But as we’ve seen with a fish that plays fetch like a dog, they’ve got more upstairs than we might assume. And this video shows that when you toss 23 buckets of fish food into the ocean deep, you get a result.

Watch the viral footage below to see an amazing feeding frenzy in the water.

The clip begins with an Asian man giving the camera  double thumbs up – the universal signal of good luck and ‘this will be fun.’ He then bends over and starts heaving 23 buckets of fish food over the dock and into the water.

When the food hits the water, the fish in the 80-second clip below scramble with everything they got to get a bite. You would think they’ve never had a meal in their life before.

Instantly, a swarm of fish rises up from the water and starts struggling for the food. By looking at the blue current, you never would have guessed that so many fish would be under the water – that close to the surface like that. It’s truly amazing how many fish there are all waiting to eat. It must be some kind of mating season for them.

 While it’s unclear what type of food he is tossing from the deck, one thing is certain. These fish would love to get seconds or even thirds.

Watch as the young man tosses in 23 buckets of fish food. These large ocean creatures literally pile up on top of each other to get the most they can.

What do you think about this clip? Here’s what some of the 1.6 million viewers wrote in the comments on YouTube:

“if i were a fish and i was all the way in the front I’d be like way to man give me some over here in this row because he was throwing the food in the the back”

“Why is this guy throwing the food only to the back. Tons of them in the front. U need to know how to distribute evenly”

“Fish owner/fishermen: thank you for your generosity, that would save me some cost of feeding.”

“It’s driving me insane that he doesn’t just stack the empty buckets”

“You could have saved thousands of children that are starving to death in Africa with that fish food though, you know…”

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