Here’s another disturbing story that will make your blood boil. A father and son duo from West Virginia have been charged with over 216 counts of incest, sexual assault, and sexual abuse of two young girls in the same family. The heinous crimes were committed last October 21, and the culprits, Nathaniel Keiling, 38, and Francis Keiling, 73, were arrested just a few months apart for their despicable actions.

Nathaniel was the first to be taken into custody and sent to Southern Regional Jail, where he faced 20 counts each for sexual assault, incest, and sexual assault by a parent or guardian in the first degree. The investigations and a report from WOAY indicate that Nathaniel and his father had been raping two girls almost daily for over a decade.

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According to court documents cited by WVVA, one of the victims finally came forward after Nathaniel raped her three times in just 24 hours in a church basement at St. Francis De Sales Church in Beckley, West Virginia, in May 2019. The victim revealed that she had been forced to share a small hospital bed with Nathaniel and that whenever she tried to sleep alone, he would follow her and get into bed with her.

Photo Credit: 59 News

This kind of sickening behavior is appalling and has no place in our society. The fact that a father and son duo could commit such heinous acts for over a decade is a testament to the need for more stringent laws and enforcement measures to protect our children and vulnerable members of society.

It is also deeply concerning that both Nathaniel and Francis Keiling have a criminal record. Francis Keiling was arrested in Florida in 2000 for battery and domestic violence, while Nathaniel had a similar case of battery and violence from 2001. This raises questions about the effectiveness of our justice system in preventing repeat offenders from committing further crimes.

According to his Facebook page, Francis Keiling has three grown children and three grandchildren. However, the authorities have not revealed the familial relations of the victims to the suspects to protect the victims.

The victims of these crimes must be commended for their bravery in coming forward and sharing their stories. It takes immense courage to speak out against such atrocities and to seek justice. We must stand with them and support them in any way we can.

As a society, we must do better to protect our children and vulnerable members from predators like Nathaniel and Francis Keiling. We need to ensure that our justice system is equipped with the necessary resources and tools to prevent such crimes from happening in the first place and to bring the perpetrators to justice swiftly.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and we pray that they may find healing and peace in the aftermath of this traumatic experience. As for Nathaniel and Francis Keiling, they must be held accountable for their crimes, and justice must be served. We must ensure that they face the full force of the law for their heinous actions.

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