Washington Post ‘fact-checker’ Glenn Kessler took to Twitter tried to explain the difference between Trump and Obama’s actions. He was INSTANTLY roasted.

You HAVE to see this!

VIA| Liberals are hysterical about Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning entry for travelers from seven countries that are hotbeds for terror activity until Homeland Security can figure out how to properly vet them. For just ninety days.

Even the #NeverTrump-ish National Review has weighed in to “separate fact from hysteria.”

Lost in the shuffle about all this is the fact that President B. Hussein Obama instituted a ban on Iraqi citizens for SIX MONTHS in 2011 after it was discovered two al-Qaida-Iraq terrorists were living as “refugees” in Kentucky and admitted in court they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Do you remember that? No probably not, because it barely caused a ripple in the mainstream media. Funny how that works.

But because it’s Trump, it’s a BAAAAD thing. When Obama did it, it was fine.

Washington Post writer Glenn Kessler tried to explain the difference between Trump’s and Obama’s actions on Twitter and was instantly flamed.

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