If you were to look at what the salaries of the folks in Congress are supposed to be, you would have to wonder how in the heck they are supposed to be paying for things like the five million dollar houses like Maxine Waters.

The thing is, while being an elected official might not be a license to print money, it’s a license to take money off of the top of the pile.

He is known for his curiosity in public housing and federal grants.

Claire McCaskill’s husband became a successful U.S. Senator making loads of cash each year, however, his sudden advance has been exposed.

According to reports, he was bringing in between $1,608 and 16,731 yearly. After 8 years into the business and $131 million in grants later, he is making $365,374 and $1,118,158. His grants are handed straight to the housing complex instead of the investors, so the complex distributes profits to the shareholders.

Wowza! He sure found a quick way to increase his income…  

Joseph Shepard, McCaskill’s husband, got a pretty steep raise if you ask me, and in public housing too.

What we should be asking is, how did the complex get such massive grants all of a sudden after McCaskill took office?

Looks a bit too convenient for my liking. 

From steadfastandloyal: This is a matter that should be looked into. If she is responsible for those grants, the Missouri voters need to know that before November.

The Kansas City Star reported: Businesses tied to U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill’s husband have been awarded more than $131 million in federal subsidies since the Missouri Democrat took office in 2007, an analysis by The Kansas City Star found.

Joseph Shepard’s personal income from his investments in those businesses has grown exponentially during his wife’s two terms in the Senate.

The federal payments don’t go directly into Shepard’s pocket. Most of the money goes toward operating costs for government-subsidized housing projects Shepard is invested in. Those companies then distribute the profits to Shepard and other investors.

In 2006, the year before McCaskill entered the Senate, her husband’s personal income from those investments was between $1,608 and $16,731, according to the senator’s financial disclosure forms.

In 2017, five years into McCaskill’s second term, Shepard personally earned between $365,374 and $1,118,158 from investments in housing projects that received federal subsidies, the disclosure forms show. Disclosure forms only provide ranges of income.

There’s no evidence that McCaskill played any part in directing federal funds to businesses affiliated with her husband.

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