Donald Trump and journalists have always had a contentious relationship and this is not necessarily something that goes back to when he began his run for President. He has had his critics, each with their own misguided intentions.

That being said, whenever someone is right or finally begins to see things in a more sensible way you have to admit that they are right because it is the most basic of respects that you ca give a person

Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera is well known for having dismissed President Donald Trump’s tax reform bill, but when he visited Colorado over the New Year’s break he found more than a few small business owners who were thrilled with Trump’s tax bill and said their prospects were brighter because of the law.

Rivera had slammed the effort to reform our tax laws insisting on November 10, for instance, that “Americans don’t want tax Reform.”

“Americans don’t want tax Reform. They want tax Cuts,” Rivera tweeted. “Currently bill has two big features: 1- phase out of #inheritancetax & 2- lowering corporate rate. Neither delivers tax cut to folks who need it most. The Great Bait & Switch Tax Debate will go way of #Obamacare repeal: nowhere.”

Even though he wasn’t a fan of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Rivera found quite a few real Americans who simply love it.

Rivera took a family trip to Telluride, Colorado, during the days running up to New Year’s Day,

“At #telluride #colorado one of prettiest ski resorts anywhere (Though not the easiest place to get to). With son Gabriel and his family too. Happy New Year everyone. Hope you, yours, and mine have a happy healthy, safe, enjoyable year,” he wrote on December 29.

But while there, Rivera announced on Twitter that he had met several people there who were entirely excited about Trump’s new tax law.

The Fox News host ended up at a bar in Telluride where he met a business owner who was making big plans for 2018 all because of Trump’s tax bill.

“At a bar here in #Telluride everyone buying shots for everyone else A guy who runs a local distillery told me that because of tax cuts he’ll be able to hire 3 more employees For real Asked me to Thx @realDonaldTrump #HappyNewYear,” Rivera Tweeted on December 31.

The warm feelings Telluride residents had for President Trump turned Rivera’s heart to good feelings for Trump for the coming year.

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