The reason I have an issue with mail-in voting is the same reason I always had an issue with letting people return movies to the video store for me back in the day.

I went on a deployment once when I was in the military where I asked a member of my family to return a movie for me and about six weeks later I got an email about how I owed some video store money for not returning a movie.

There are certain things that you just cannot do through the mail because too many things can go wrong.

County workers in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania “improperly opened” mail-in military ballots that were discarded and ended up in the possession of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“I can say that the general election ballots were improperly opened by county staff,” Dawn Clark, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s office, said in a statement provided to Patrick Howley of NATIONAL FILE.

The FBI found nine military ballots that were discarded in Luzerne County. Now we know that county staff opened up and presumably reviewed the ballots before they were discarded. Seven of the ballots were votes for Trump — two of the ballots were NOT votes for Trump. County workers placed TWO of the ballots back into their envelopes and re-sealed them, as if to try to keep them in the counting process.

The Department of Justice confirmed Thursday night that it will be ordering Luzerne County to change its ballot practices, but what will happen to Vote By Mail nationally now that this shocking abuse of the system has been officially confirmed?

Vote By Mail is fraught with irregularities and clear-cut allegations and confirmations of voter fraud are cropping up around the country. Democrats using the pretext of the disputed Coronavirus pandemic to push through Vote By Mail are trying to label patriotic Trump supporters as conspiracy theorists if they criticize this unprecedented attack on voting stability. Ben Smith predicted in the New York Times that 2020 vote-counting could take “weeks.”

The Michigan Secretary of State confirmed that Democrat governor Gretchen Whitmer’s state will not be announcing its results on Election Night on November 3. Michigan is now accepting ballots fourteen days after Election Day, and Pennsylvania is accepting mail-in ballots three days after election day. North Carolina is accepting absentee ballots nine days after election day so long as they are supposedly postmarked by election day.

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