Fox News has “parted ways” with legal analyst Andrew Napolitano after a producer at the network accused him of sexual harassment.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a lawsuit was initiated against FOX News related in part, to actions made by ‘Judge Nap’:

A lawsuit was filed this morning in New York accusing FOX News of allowing select individuals at the company to harass others at the company.  Judge Napolitano was singled out for harassing young men at the company over many years.

Producer John Fawcett, who works on Larry Kudlow’s show on Fox Business Network, alleged in a discrimination lawsuit that Napolitano had stroked his arm and made a sexually suggestive comment while they were sharing an elevator.

Napolitano had worked as a legal commentator at Fox News for more than two decades, AP News reported, and he emerged as a firm critic of Donald Trump at a network known for backing the former president. Before that, he was a judge in the New Jersey court system.

And tonight, they reported that Judge Nap is no longer with FOX News:

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a legal contributor for Fox News, is no longer employed by the network following allegations of sexual harassment.

In a complaint filed on Monday, a 27-year-old Fox News associate producer alleged that Napolitano has “sexually harassed numerous young male employees during his tenure at Fox News.” The plaintiff, whose name is John Fawcett, claims that he reported Napolitano’s misconduct to Fox News’ human resources department but they did not take any immediate action against him.

In a statement to Variety, Fox News said that upon learning of the allegations, the network “immediately investigated the claims and addressed the matter with both parties.” Napolitano has not appeared on air at Fox News for several months.

“The network and Judge Napolitano have since parted ways. We take all allegations of misconduct seriously, are committed to providing a safe, transparent, and collaborative workplace environment for all our employees and took immediate, appropriate action,” Fox News said in the statement. Representatives for Napolitano did not immediately respond to Variety‘s request for comment.

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, Business Insider, AP News

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