Well, it’s been pretty obvious how President Joe Biden has been mishandling his job, from the Southern border crisis, oil price hikes, Covid 19 mission and his most iconic mistake is his debacle in Afghanistan.

Notably, he is really fond of making every situation get even worse. Ever since being installed in the White House for 8 months, American’s seems to witness and experience the despair he puts us in.

Recently, this very manipulative mandate that forces American taxpayers to get the Jab or if not, spend more money on Covid testings. The worst part is, illegal aliens are exempted from this so-called mandate but they are privileged to receive benefits from our tax money. Oh, what a great plan by the Biden regime.

Ever since this new mandate has been ordered, many have been reacting to it, from public citizens to Governors who are now calling for mass disobedience.

Recently, Emerald Robinson, a White House Correspondent for Newsmax TV tweeted that Fox News is demanding to know the vaccination status of their own employees.

Fox News has been on their side, notably a Biden Establishment well, you can expect nothing less from them though unless you are in lines with their pockets and what times really matter and nobody is looking, they simply show who they really are like previously, what they did on election night, instead of standing up and fighting, they caved to Biden’s Hitler-whims.

Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire is fighting tooth and nail against Biden and for his employees. Unlike the so-called “conservative” Fox news are doing are completely comparative.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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