America’s voting system has many flaws despite what liberals have to say.

Over and over again the Democratic Party assures the public that voting fraud is so minimal that it makes no difference in election outcomes, however the proof is to the contrary. Numerous reports have surfaced regarding fake identifications being sold to illegals in order to allow them to vote, dead Americans are coming back to life, and now the trend has continued with the sentencing of Andrew Spieles, a former college student who admitted to one count of falsifying documents on voter registration forms. Further investigations show that Spieles committed this crime on numerous accounts in order to boost his number of registered democrats, honesty is never the policy when it came new to liberal tactics.

Via The Blaze:

Recent James Madison University graduate 21-year-old Andrew J. Spieles on Tuesday was sentenced to 100 days in jail for fabricating 18 voter registration forms in Virginia. He previously pled guilty to one count of knowingly attempting to transfer a false identification document.

Spieles was a staffer with Harrisonburg Votes, a get-out-the-vote organization associated with the Democratic Party, WSET-TV reported.

Spieles job was to register as many voters as Democrats as possible. He then had to report his numbers back to Democratic headquarters in Harrisonburg.

Once Spieles received a completed voter registration form, he would log tracking information on each person (name, age, address, and political affiliation) and file the form with the registrar’s office.

A registrar employee contacted law enforcement in Aug. 2016 when they recognized a Rockingham County judge’s deceased father on one of the forms, WSET reported.

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Unsurprisingly liberals have nothing to say regarding this matter and will most likely not bother covering it in any reports.

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