This is has to be one of the wildest election years in a long time. The underdog won by a landslide, but not without the democrats losing their minds and throwing a few temper tantrums and coming up with anything that could possibly stop it from happening. Well, Obama just came out and admitted that the Russians did not hack the election, and that the race was fair and equal. Hillary lost because the people wanted her to. NOW, FACE IT!

VIA| When Hillary Clinton was beat every possible excuse was made. People are just racist. Americans are obviously just sexist. No women would vote for Donald Trump. The list goes on and on. But the most recent desperate attempt has been the unending recounts and investigations into voter fraud. In the past Republicans have been referred to as completely conspiratorial, because they suspected voter fraud. But now that a Republican has won an election the left is picking up the call of “voter fraud.”

“I can assure the public that there was not the kind of tampering with the voting process that was a concern and will continue to be a concern going forward,” Obama said Friday before boarding a plane for Hawaii. “The votes that were cast were counted – they were counted appropriately.

“We have not seen evidence that machines were tampered with. That assurance I can provide.”

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  1. JoanSmith

    She wasn’t mistreated, we don’t want her polocies we are fed up with the manipulation, all of Obumer’s failed policies. We were headed for the gutter if Killary was voted in. We were in dire need of change and with God’s help we got Trump. Killary can get over to we have the person we voted for.


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