I have made it a point over the past couple of years not to discuss politics in any kind of a public setting.  The reason is very simple, people have become very violent and vocal with their politics and it seems that you can’t even hear someone’s political stance without there being some kind of problem.

Added to that, it seems that if you have an opinion that is leaning conservative, there is always some problem with someone trying to shut you up. It’s why most political discussions I have with people now are through old school email chains.

Added to that the social media outlets are making a point of silencing us…

I have heard a lot of talk about who could replace Trump on the Republican ticket should Donald Trump decide not to run in 2024.

The pickings are thin but there is one person who might be able to, win the nomination and the presidency and no one can deny he isn’t a fighter. His name is Ron DeSantis and he is the extremely effective governor of Florida.

DeSantis would be a lock in the swing state of Florida and that will allow him to concentrate much less time in Florida and much more in the other swing states.

If we start with the pandemic, we can see how he fought to keep his state open and even went so far as to prevent liberal mayors from imposing Draconian regulations to close down their cities.

As a result, the pandemic was less severe in Florida and the state was able to weather the storm without the crippling debt that Mario Cuomo’s little boy and governors Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsome inflicted upon their states.

Now, in what is the biggest issue facing this country in my opinion, Big Tech censorship, DeSantis is taking the lead. Florida has strict discrimination laws and Gov DeSantis plans on using those laws against the Masters of the Universe. While it is obvious that nationally nothing will happen for at least four years unless Parler wins its lawsuit. states have the ability to act.

What if states were to ban Big Tech from operating in their states should they discriminate against conservative speech?

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