Countless times in private businesses we have seen what is going on with the Trump Administration; a new executive comes in and notices that there are a lot of things going on that are counter productive to making things run smoothly.

So what does that executive do? Well, they try to get any costs or losses down and then they cut loose either the people who are not necessary or who are making it singularly harder to get things done.

President Trump is trying to run the government like a business. Not only that, he is trying to run a business with financial backing that isn’t his. Nobody really thinks about it but the government is basically a business backed financially by you and me. When someone in middle management tries to do something that betrays the trust of the backers they need to go.

Now, this truly is great news. President Trump is really focused on draining the swamp!

The obvious bias in the Crooked Hillary Clinton email investigation which was shown by the now embattled former FBI Director James Comey, his right-hand man Andrew McCabe and the now disgraced bureau agent Peter Strzok who sent over 10k texts to his mistress with messages showing disdain towards Candidate Trump while pledging to not let Crooked Hillary lose the 2016 election, have all made incalculable damage to the federal law enforcement agency’s reputation. Damage which is unrepairable!

Up until now the fall out has gone as far as to implicate the FBI in the now infamous work of fiction which is the Fusion GPS anti-Trump dossier which has led McCabe and James Baker, to either announce early retirements, or to be reassigned.

But according to reporter Sharyl Attkisson, the fallout may not be over yet:

The timing of all this is fascinating considering McCabe is already set to retire early next year after a barrage of attacks for his corruption. McCabe’s retirement announcement comes just days after a major shakeup at the FBI where Wray removed Comey snitch and suspected leaker James Baker from his top post as general counsel.

President Trump then added salt to the wounds by blasting Andrew McCabe for his obvious corruption and went as far as accusing him of running the clock in order to retire with full benefits with only 90 days to go. This guy shouldn’t be retiring; he should be in Federal Prison!

Via The Spectator: Special Report: Enough: FBI and Justice Department Corruption Needs to End

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