The way of American politics has gone down the toilet int he past couple of years and it’s due to the deeds of the Democratic Party. If you looked at the things that happened under the watch of liberals it’s not a surprise that a repo man hasn’t pulled up to New York Harbor to call away the United States to a seized property auction.

Very soon the names Christopher Wray and Noel Francisco will be the stars of 24/7-cable news programming. Both are Trump appointees who have compiled enough evidence to begin the prosecution of the Clintons and those in the highest offices of the FBI who protected them. And, neither man can be bought.

Politics will determine whether their investigations will be allowed to make the case for prosecuting Obama’s cabinet members who made the call to squash the evidence in multiple incriminating cases and who violated FISA court rules of evidence to obtain warrants in order to spy on the man who threatens to expose their criminally treasonous syndicate, President Trump.

Wray was Trump’s choice to replace Comey to lead the FBI after Trump became aware of how severely Comey, and his predecessor Robert Mueller, had corrupted the agency and its mission when it chose to protect the Clintons.

Wray is highly respected lawman and passed Senate confirmation by a 92-5 vote.

The vote to confirm Francisco as Solicitor General was 50-47, along party lines. That should come as no surprise because as the Solicitor General of the United States, Francisco would be responsible for conducting and supervising the government’s litigation at the Supreme Court.

In other words, Francisco will be prosecuting the case against those who corrupted the FBI and his reputation says that he will do it thoroughly and professionally to the best of his considerable legal abilities.

The Solicitor General is the last firewall the American people have against the government corruption of the past administration.

Francisco has built a reputation for his steadfast commitment to the rule of law and his staunch defense of the Constitution. To say Francisco’s appointment has Democrats worried cannot be overstated.

And now FBI Director Christopher Wray has seen enough evidence against those who are attempting to remove our duly elected president on trumped up charges that he’s preparing to clean house at the FBI and to present the case for prosecution to Francisco.

In the next six months expect indictments against former FBI directors Robert Mueller and James Comey along with current Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former U.S. attorney and current Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

Whether Wray and Francisco’s investigation will ensnare former AGs Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch will be a political call that would then signal Wray and Francisco’s willingness to go after the big fish, ex-President Obama and other members of his cabinet including former National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

One of the triggers for Wray’s decision to move forward is reported to be the ironclad proof that Deputy Director Andrew McCabe essentially accepted a $500,000 bribe from the Clintons’ in the form of a campaign donation to his wife who was convinced to run for the Virginia Senate by Clinton bagman Terry McAuliffe.

The fact that McCabe was deeply involved in what amounted to covering up Hillary’s email “scandal” has left Wray with no choice but to remove McCabe by whatever means necessary if he is to restore the FBI’s integrity.

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