After FBI States There Are 22 Confirmed Islamic Compounds In The United States, Obama ‘Promises’ To ‘Monitor’ Them Closely

As the U.S. stands to absorb over 10,000 Syrian refugees within the next year, we need to evaluate the people who will soon live among us. Who are they? Do they have violent backgrounds? What are their beliefs and will they abide by the laws created by the American people? Well the FBI just released staggering information that confirms there have been 22 Islamic compounds discovered in the US. This is heart stopping number that must be investigated. Obama’s response? He’ll monitor them.

VIA| The First Amendment guarantees citizens rights to free speech and religion, amongst others things, but what happens when a religion promotes terrorism?

Islam is a violent cult that encourages women to be treated as second class citizens while men carry out acts of violence against Christians and all nonbelievers.

The sad reality is that we are all well aware of this, but Barack Hussein Obama continues to allow hundreds of thousands of Muslims into this country while letting Islam spread wherever it chooses.

With his reckless policies, federal authorities are now confirming reports that there are more than two dozen confirmed Islamic compounds in the United States that are planning an attack on inauguration day.

FBI sources confirms that Muslims of America compounds have been training and recruiting for several months to carry out what appears to be a large scale attack in protest of Donald Trump and his “anti-Muslim” remarks.

Some sources have gone on to argue that these terrorists are training to carry out an attack on Inauguration day against President Donald Trump.

While 22 have been identified as “high level,” there are reportedly 13 more in the United States, indicating that there are 35 known terrorist compounds inside the United States. Federal agencies quite frequently keep information like this hidden, but many have exposed these secluded compounds and they are being forced to admit they exist.

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