VIDEO: Farmer PLOWS Refugees Off Of His Land

Around every turn, you’ll hear a deranged liberal attempting to make the argument that we must “become more like Europe” in terms of allowing refugees into our nation with open arms, to not only reap the benefits off of our welfare system, but force Sharia Law upon us all.

They somehow fail to open their eyes to the TURMOIL it has created in a once beautiful and culturally rich nation.

Europeans are finally fed up, and if you want us to provide proof… look no further than this farmer here, who is sick and tired of the dozens of refugees who decided they would set up camp on his property.

Looks like he decided to take matters into his own hands….

VIA| A Greek farmer didn’t care refugees were living on his property when he rolled out his tractor Thursday to prepare his fields for the summer.

Lazarous Oulis is a farmer in Idomeni, where more than 50,000 refugees are stranded on their way to Europe. A tent city has emerged on Oulis’ property in recent weeks, just in time for warmer weather.

A video shows Oulis running his tractor though the fields, barely dodging the refugee tents.

One refugee, who had his tent destroyed, was fed up with Oulis and didn’t understand why he had to plow the land while they were occupying his property. It’s worth noting that Oulis volunteered to a few acres to refugees, on the condition various help organizations would help him clear the property eventually.

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