There…you got what you wanted feminists! Now put on your gear and let’s fight!

Luckily we aren’t in a position where that is needed, yet. But it is definitely something to be frightened about.

VIA| WASHINGTON — The Obama administration declared its support yesterday for requiring women to register for the military draft, a symbolic but significant shift that reflects the U.S. military’s evolution from a male-dominated force to one seeking to incorporate women at all levels.

President Obama has been considering whether to adopt the position since last December, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter ordered the military to open all jobs to women, including the most arduous combat posts. Ned Price, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council, said Obama believes women have “proven their mettle,” including in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“As old barriers for military service are being removed, the administration supports — as a logical next step — women registering for the Selective Service,” Price said, using the formal name for the military draft.

The White House emphasized that the administration remains committed to an all-volunteer military — meaning women, like men, wouldn’t be forced to serve unless there were a national emergency such as a major war. Changing the policy would require an act of Congress, and there are no signs that lawmakers plan to move swiftly to alter the law.

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  1. Sarah Betar

    women should never be forced to serve in war…most would die or go mad under those conditions…draft all men for sure, for at least 3 years, but , only women who want to serve should have to go…obama is a cowardly weenie


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