Liberally run California is literally more concerned about hurting people’s feelings then they are about the purposeful spreading of the highly contagious and potentially deadly HIV virus.

Citizens residing in California should be extremely concerned about their wellbeing as democratic government officials have openly decided that aiding illegals and dismissing the spread of HIV in order to spare the feelings of the LGBTQ community is more important their your safety. New policies in California law have increased the penalty for healthcare workers who offend elderly transgender people by not knowing the proper way to address them. The increased penalties surpass that of knowingly infecting others with HIV without the recipient consenting or even knowing that the carrier is, in fact, a carrier.

California’s government officials have turned California into a literal breeding ground for crime and disease thanks to their belief that everyone should be openly accepted, regardless of the detrimental effects this ‘love’ will cause.

Via Daily Caller:

Beginning in 2018, California law will have harsher penalties for health care workers who address a senior transgender patient with the “wrong” pronouns than for people who knowingly infect others with HIV.

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation on Friday lowering the maximum penalty for knowingly infecting or exposing a person to HIV to six months in prison — down from a maximum of eight years. Also last week, Brown signed legislation allowing for penalties of up to one year in jail for health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” use the “wrong” pronouns to refer to a senior transgender patient.

Brown also signed another law last week that shortened the length of time some sex offenders have to remain on the sex offender registry.

Caifornia can spend all the money they want advertising their state as a fun family vacation destination but these laws clearly contradict the actual safety families will experience while on their ‘fun’ vacation.

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